what i really want is satsuki’s hair from her last appearance in KLK.
talk about cute.

i haven’t drawn in a long time but i just found the tablet pen that went with my old tablet. it doesn’t feel right in my hand, but i did some scribbly drawings to see how it would work.
characters from a story idea about a middle aged lady in a distant, post-cataclysmic future who finds an ancient robotic stone lion and befriends it. knowing a second world-ending disaster is in the making, and with only the faintest clues on what it is, she, her lion, her two daughters, a pug, and her merchant brother-in-law traverse the ruins of a fallen, hi-tech infrastructure in order to save the world.

my friends probably think i’m a nerd because i screenshot pretty much every snapchat.

i’m so sorry to everyone i’ve promised to do a collab with.
i’m flighty and a total baby and i have no idea where my tablet pen is.

i have a secret.
that secret is that i follow about 20 equestrian blogs.

nah, i feel that.
it just hurts so much when you try to make someone feel comfortable and included and then they turn around and say “nobody wants to be my friend i get left out of everything everyone hates me” right in your face, you know?
(not accusing you of this, btw. my vagueblogging has nothing to do with my tumblr buds. i’m just frustrated)

i’m very tired of people who victimize and exclude themselves from groups they’re invited into for the sake of throwing a pity party.

like, it’s so aggravating to offer something to someone with open palms and have them refuse it and then complain about not feeling included, or for you to actively fix or improve something for them but it turns out that they would rather wallow in feeling miserable.

my mom always complains that she isn’t welcome to family events and will seclude herself and be a total grump and it’s just like??? you brought this on yourself? everyone here wants you to have a good time, but you’re the one making yourself the victim here because you want to feel bad for some reason.

or the time someone left an academic team party early (even though everyone was having a great time) and then went and complained that no one wanted him there on his Facebook feed where we could all see it (even though we were all happy to have him there).

i’m not saying you aren’t allowed to feel uncomfortable in certain groups, but why would you go out of your way to feel miserable? what do you have to gain from it, other than some sick need for self-pity. 

i didn’t finish rent.