"secret family recipe" more like you and i both know you drowned this in lawry’s seasoning salt and called it a day and there ain’t no shame in that.

probably even more accurate.
but, as we all know, the true, ideal aesthetic is cardboard beaver mask.

my aesthetic is probably “khaki goth”.

i found out that tamora pierce has a tumblr and it is everything i dreamed it would be.

Anonymous asked: your little cardboard beaver costume is so cute oh my gosh! and it looks really good, i'm super impressed by your resourcefulness! did you or your friends have to make any other costumes as well for that play?

oh my gosh, that is so sweet! thank you! in the play, there’s a beaver parent + kid, a vulture parent + kid, a monkey parent + kid, and some other duo i don’t remember! everyone is fending for themselves for the costume, so i actually don’t know what the others are doing.

tbh the eyebrows and the teeth are pretty similar whether i wear the mask or not.

i can’t believe i get to play a businessman beaver dad in a cool hippie puppet show against the construction of the bluegrass pipeline.

lacy becomes a cheap furry part 2

look at this goofy beaver mask i’m making for a children’s puppet show.

ok i am in desperate need of korra and asami to be a thing.

please please please please